Thieves of the Sun

Thieves of the Sun
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Thieves of the Sun CD

Towards the Gate of Hercules (2:03)
Worth a Tale (5:43)
Eolian (4:29)
Stormchild (5:57)
Escape (5:51)
Ahab (7:03)
Taipouri Ake Tonu Atu (6:33)
Thieves of the Sun (6:41)

music and lyrics by Elmsfire
all vocals by Ross Thompson, shouts and backing vocals by Elmsfire, Ross, Nadine & Celine
Ross Thompson appears courtesy of Napalm Records
„Thieves of the Sun“ was recorded between august 2009 and february 2010 at „Space Lab Music Production“

by Christian „Moschus“ Moos, produced by Christian Moos & Elmsfire, mastered by Eroc at „Mastering Ranch“


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